Our Purpose

We’re about providing unbiased factual information about Covid, in defence of your health, rights and freedoms.


Who We Are

We’re a growing collection of everyday citizens including business owners, healthcare professionals, volunteers, parents, caregivers, police officers and other professionals.


Who Funds Us?

We are beholden to nobody and completely unbiased. 

This website and our information efforts are funded out-of-pocket.  We graciously accept donations to offset the costs of this project. 

We want to be an example of the importance of caring for others in our community.  Please consider donating.


Get Involved

Have you lost your job?  Are you forced onto government assistance?  Are you in danger of losing your home or business? 

Citizens of all political stripes need to band together for this common cause.

Are you willing to join the movement for truth, health and safety against greedy unbridled corporatism and the politcians that enable it?

Reach out to us here.