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Mask Poster – Renfrew

Mask Poster – Renfrew

Honour our veterans. Honour our courageous citizens! Join us at a rally for freedom on Parliament Hill – November 6th, 2021 – 10am

Mask Poster – Ottawa

Mask Poster – Ottawa

Honour our veterans. Honour our courageous citizens! Join us at a rally for freedom on Parliament Hill – November 6th, 2021 – 10am

Our Purpose

To identify and support like-minded citizens in the battle against politically imposed medical tyranny.


As of Right Now - Tuesday May 28th, 2024 @ 1:07 am - These are the current facts (and what the media is not telling you):
  1. Less than 25 doctors in Canada account for 100% of the same opinion being pushed by the main-stream media.
  2. 40,199 medical practitioners and 13,290 medical & public health scientists and epidemiologists around the world are opposed to the drastic lockdowns being imposed by politicians.  Source: https://gbdeclaration.org/view-signatures/.  On this the media remains silent.
  3. Death statistics and representations are statistically misleading.  Deaths from suicide, drug overdoses, cancer (without Corona verification tests) are being counted as Corona Virus deaths across the country.
  4. Suicide rates are skyrocketing.
  5. People are losing their homes and businesses.

Experimental Vaccine!

Covid Vaccine Candidate

The government and media repeat that a vaccine is available.  Is that a lie?  The “vaccine” isn’t even referred to as a vaccine by Big Pharma.  They call it a “Vaccine Candidate” meaning it’s still in the experimental stages.



Have the lockdowns affected you?  Please feel free to share your story.  Stories will be published here to allow others to understand the effects of lockdown.

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Roman Baber Sign The Petition

Roman Baber was the latest Ontario Government MPP to come forward out of conscience and expose the poor decisions being made by Doug Ford government.  Stand behind Roman and offer your signature of support to End The Lockdowns.

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Shareable Meme – Never Give Up Your Rights!

Shareable Meme – Never Give Up Your Rights!

Never give up your rights!  We the people, when organized, are feared by nefarious governments.  We outnumber them and we are stronger in numbers. Participate in politics for the rights reasons, and don’t be baited by sideshow promises designed to divide us.